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Youth (Grades 7-12)

Our youth group, called Genesis, is a community of teenagers in grades 7-12 that meets every Friday from 7:30-9:30PM. Our vision is to be practicing Christian faith through authentic youth community. Our mission is to pursue God by empowering youth to DISCOVER, ENJOY, and SHARE a life with God. No matter what kind of person you are, you are invited to join us in discovering, enjoying, and sharing a life with God.

Leaders: Pastor Santos Chan, Deaconess Jessica Leung, Samuel Chan, Cecilia Ki, Wilson Kwong, Simeon Wong, & Jeffrey Lou

University & College

Our fellowship is for anyone that is university/college-aged. We strive to become a community of mature Christians equipped to serve the marginalized, newcomers, the church, and each other. Our mission is to cultivate an attitude of ownership, service, and love for God’s word. Whether you grew up in the church or are new to religion, we have a space for you to grow.

Leaders: Pastor Santos Chan & Deaconess Jessica Leung


The Adult Zone is a collective of small groups that range from working adults that are fresh out of school to those who have been working for many years with family and children. Some of our cell groups discuss the most recent Sunday Sermon to support one another in responding to God’s message to us. Others follow a series of materials to address a specific area of life.

We are currently in a transition stage for adult small groups. For more information, please visit or contact Rev. Ted or Andrew Leung for more details. All are welcome!